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1   Link   Sustainable Traffic SUSTRAFFTIA - Sustainable Traffic Development in Tirana
The project’s main objectives focused on improving understanding about traffic-related air pollution factors in Tirana and identifying appropriate measures for tackling such pollution.
2   Link   SMASH-EVENTS - Sustainable mobility as part of an integrated sustainability approach for large events
The international “SMASH-EVENTS” project aimed at developing a standard for integrated environmental management for large events, such as cultural events, music festivals, exhibitions, etc.
3   Link   New methods of selective collection and transport of solid waste
The main objective of the project was the implementation and evaluation of a new cost-effective solution to selective domestic waste collection and transport that would lead to a 40% reduction in costs and enable a totally integrated collection system that would fit in with the new CEN and EC directives.
4   Link   Sustainable rehabilitation of urban environmental systems
The project aimed to assist the government of the Entity Republica Srpska to establish appropriate administrative structures, update and modernise the legal and technical support, rehabilitate the human resources for the drafting and implementation of action plans.
5   Link   SAM MOBILE TOGETHER - City of Hasselt. Mobile Together Differently
Sustainable change immobility behavior thanks to incentive actions organised by the population, trade and industry and the city council.
6   Link   EXPO-Region freight logistics
Conception for an Environmentally Friendly Regional Freight Transport Within the 'City Network EXPO-Region'.The project aimed to develop a joint environmentally-friendly strategy for regional freight transport which would reduce air and noise pollution throughout the economic area encompassed by the city network EXPO region.
7   Link   C-DISPATCH
Clean-Distribution of goods in Specimen Areas at the last mile of the intermodal Transport Chain.
The C-DISPATCH project aimed to develop a sustainable business model for increasing the efficiency of door-to-door goods transport in the urban area of Frosinone.
8   Link   CEDM - Centre for Eco-Friendly City Freight Distribution
The aim of the CEDM project was to implement a series of measures (at regulatory, organisational and technological levels) to launch the Centre for Eco-Friendly City Freight Distribution in the historical centre of Lucca.
9   Link   CLEANTRUCK - CLEAN and energy efficient TRUCKs for urban goods distribution
The primary objective of the CLEANTRUCK project is to demonstrate the commercial and technical viability of alternative fuels and new technologies for goods distribution vehicles
10   Link   Sustainable transport logistic
Environmental sustainable vehicles and transport logistic for public transport and freight distribution in tourist resorts.
The objective of the project consisted in the introduction of sustainable transport management in the tourist resort of Bad Hofgastein.
11   Link   Legislation and policy options for reduction of traffic emission in Cyprus
The LIFE-TCY project sought to bring about a reduction of vehicle-related air pollution and fuel consumption through the establishment of a legislative framework in accordance with EU practices and relevant administrative instruments and structures.
12   Link   Pro-Klima Autoklimaanlage
Information campaign"Pro-Klima: Efficient car climatisation through natural cooling substances".
The project will campaign to reduce environmental pollution caused by vehicle air conditioning systems.
13   Link   PRIVILEGES - Cities program for greenhouse gas reduction (Chalon sur Saône)
The PRIVILEGES project aimed to demonstrate the potential impact of actions at local level on greenhouse gas emissions and to mobilise the local population, businesses and administration in Chalon-sue-Saône in the fight against global gas emissions.
14   Link   Aquazole project
Demonstration of the industrial fabrication of an alternative clean fuel for urban fleet: water-diesel emulsion.
15   Link   Catch - Clean Accessible Transport for Community Health
The core of CATCH was the development and implementation of an innovative, partnership-based approach to transport-related environment policy in Liverpool, a major UK city undergoing radical land use development allied to economic regeneration.
16   Link   PARFUM - Particulates, Freight and heavy duty vehicles in Urban Environments
The 'PARFUM' project sought to bridge the gap between research and development (R&D) results and widespread implementation/market introduction concerning integrated technological/policy solutions for the reduction of air pollution from transport, notably particles and nitrogen oxide (NOx).
17   Link   ECOEXPLORER project
Environmental Control Observatory. Exploration of Pollution Levels on the Road for Ecological Realtime Survey.
The ECO-EXPLORER project aimed to propose a good tool for pollution monitoring campaigns, which is both periodical and continuous. ECO-EXPLORER stands for (Environmental Control Observatory Exploration of Pollution Levels
18   Link   QSIDE project
The positive effects of quiet facades and quiet urban areas on traffic noise annoyance and sleep disturbance.
The QSIDE project aims to demonstrate a new methodology for assessing traffic noise in cities, including in quiet areas and at quiet facades. The project aims to show how European cities can effectively reduce the harmful effects of traffic noise by offering people noise refuges.
19   Link   KALAIR project
Kaliningrad Air Pollution induced by traffic: modeling system design, installation and validation.
The project's objective was to develop a modelling tool to be used by the beneficiary, ECAT-Kaliningrad (ECAT), to study the patterns of air pollution related to road traffic in Kaliningrad.
20   Link   DME Vehicle - Demonstration of DeMethyl Ether Vehicle for Sustainable Transport
The project’s objective was to demonstrate the feasibility of DME technology for heavy duty vehicles, by building and running four DME prototype lorries.

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