Other LIFE projects
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1   Link   Sustainable Traffic SUSTRAFFTIA - Sustainable Traffic Development in Tirana
2   Link   SMASH-EVENTS - Sustainable mobility as part of an integrated sustainability approach for large events
3   Link   New methods of selective collection and transport of solid waste
4   Link   Sustainable rehabilitation of urban environmental systems
5   Link   SAM MOBILE TOGETHER - City of Hasselt. Mobile Together Differently
6   Link   EXPO-Region freight logistics
7   Link   C-DISPATCH
8   Link   CEDM - Centre for Eco-Friendly City Freight Distribution
9   Link   CLEANTRUCK - CLEAN and energy efficient TRUCKs for urban goods distribution
10   Link   Sustainable transport logistic
11   Link   Legislation and policy options for reduction of traffic emission in Cyprus
12   Link   Pro-Klima Autoklimaanlage
13   Link   PRIVILEGES - Cities program for greenhouse gas reduction (Chalon sur SaĆ“ne)
14   Link   Aquazole project
15   Link   Catch - Clean Accessible Transport for Community Health
16   Link   PARFUM - Particulates, Freight and heavy duty vehicles in Urban Environments
17   Link   ECOEXPLORER project
18   Link   QSIDE project
19   Link   KALAIR project
20   Link   DME Vehicle - Demonstration of DeMethyl Ether Vehicle for Sustainable Transport

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