EFRUD project presented to main city councillors of Valencia

This LIFE+ project was recently presented to both main representatives in the areas of Environment, Sustainability, Mobility and Transport of Valencia City Council. In concrete, the representatives of the consortium partner ITENE had different meetings with the city councillor of Environment and Sustainable Development of this spanish capital, María Àngels Ramón-Llín (who also interviewed in the project's video to explain their support to the new distribution transport system) and with the city councillor of Transport, Alberto Mendoza.

First results from the real deliveries' tests

During the tests, several real deliveries of perishable products were done in different days in Roma’s city centre (8.000 km of total route from August to December 2012). The passive cooling box was able to maintain the temperature below 8ºC in August, which is enough to avoid a cold break. In the tests made in October, it maintained the temperature below 2ºC.

EFRUD’s prototype passes test on road in Roma city center

This LIFE+ european project is testing on road with success its prototype system for refrigerated urban distribution of perishable goods, which will minimize the environmental impact (emissions and noise) on cities and improve transport efficiency.


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