Video Documentary LIFE+ EFRUD project

This complete documentary explains the main objectives and results of the project, and it's a teaching video which shows the real experience of a company using the new Emissions Free Refrigerated Distribution System created in the LIFE+ EFRUD project. It is also a useful document to understand concepts as Green urban distribution, KM0 products, Urban Sustainability, Quality life in european urban areas and Smart Cities.

This video is available in English, Italian and Spanish. Enjoy it and share it with your colleagues!




The consortium would like to thank all the public organizations and the companies who have participated in it, specially to Agricoltura Nuova (Mr. Carlo Pattaconi, general manager, explains their experience with the on-road tests of the prototype vehicle and what they think about the final solution), Roma Capitale (with the interview with Mr. Marco Visconti, Rome city Councillor for the Environment; Mr. Giovanni Monastra, Director of Unit for European Projects and Environmental Planning of ROMA CAPITALE and Mr. Claudio Baffioni, Head of Service “Strategies for Energy” of ROMA CAPITALE) and finally to AYUNTAMIENTO DE VALENCIA in Spain (with the interview with Ms. María Àngels Ramón-Llin. Valencia city Councillor for the Environment and Sustainable Development).


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