The components characterizing the solution demo proposed are:

• Refrigerator at zero emissions, based on a passive-cooling system (no compressor), which has the peculiarity to keep goods cool without requiring energy from the vehicle. This favours the use of electrically-propelled vehicles with increased autonomy.

• Bimodal vehicles (medium vans) of new design optimized for the distribution of goods in urban areas, powered by electricity within the urban area and powered by fuel (diesel) outside the urban area.

• System for charging the self-cooling refrigerators.

• In-vehicle diagnostic systems to detect the driving style, inform the driver, perform monitoring of the parameters of the passive-cooling system, energy consumption and vehicle emissions (when no electric vehicle are used).

• Control Centre for processing data concerning the diagnosis of the environmental impact, energy use, refrigeration and the styles of driving.

• E-learning platform for training at a style of leadership-oriented energy savings. System for recharging the passive-cooling system and batteries powered by solar energy or other cogeneration solution (photovoltaic recharging station) are not included in the demonstration in scope, but will be taken into account in case studies.



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