• As the existing Green Procurement does not include the refrigerated urban distribution in spite of its impact on environment, it is scheduled to integrate it to the principles of that policy.

  • The main action carrying out is the creation of a transport system that combines innovations already available in the market that incorporates an innovative passive-cooling refrigerator (no compressor) and is based on the use of bimodal vehicles powered by electricity or fuel depending on the situation.

  • Those vehicles incorporate an on-board diagnostic tool to detect the driving style, monitor the parameters of the refrigeration system and inform the driver about energy consumption and emissions produced when it is not using electricity,

  • It is planned to process each route data for the diagnosis of the environmental impact, the use of energy, cooling and driving styles to identify corrective measures that are recommended to put into practice,

  • To finish, one of the principal activity on the schedule is the creation of an e-learning platform to train practitioners towards saving energy.

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