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In Europe and all over the world, the problems of the refrigerated distribution affects all European medium and big Cities so the value of the innovation and of the demonstration can be extended to all of them.

Of course the importance of the Refrigerated Distribution is higher where the climate requires more refrigeration efforts and this is the reason why Italy and Spain are directly represented in the project.

In summary, the distribution of perishable good by using refrigerated systems is increasing due to:

  • The policies of “quality assurance” and the regulations tends to encourage/obligate refrigeration of additional product categories and require monitoring of the actual temperature of goods in the Physical Distribution phase.
  • The “quality of life” imply growing consumption of perishable (refrigerated) food, ingredients and other stuff.

In Urban Areas the effects of these factors are relevant because of:

  • The distances from sources and the complexity of distribution chains often require dedicated local solutions.
  • The population living in Urban Areas is continuing to increase and the Urban Areas are growing (also because of Urban sprawl).


Refrigerated Urban Distribution implies high negative impact for Urban environment because the pollution associated to the standard logistic activities is loaded with additional negative impact of the refrigeration equipment. Also noise related to std refrigeration system and diesel vehicles impact quality of Urban Areas.


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