Expected results


The expected results of the EFRUD project are:


  • Demonstration of lower environmental impact (noise, CO2, SO2, PM10, etc…) and energy efficiency.

  • Design of an advanced modular approach applicable to a range of possible situations and different scale able to assess the feasibility and to evaluate the environmental benefits (and the economics) for  different situations.

  • Definition of a green public procurement of Cities participating to the demonstration (Comune di Roma who was “inspiring” the proposal and the city of Valencia and others around Comunidad Valenciana, aimed at applying the solution to all Refrigerated Procurement and to all potential tenders to be launched since 2014.

  • Support to the integrated urban policies for sustainable logistics of refrigerated goods (by samples of goods categories) to be encouraged by local authorities (Municipalities in general and in particular the ones involved in the project), with role of main different actors (private and public) and identification of possible points of attention for contributing to more general City mobility policies.

  • Identification of the different interest groups (main actors and stakeholders involved) and management of segmented communication in order to promote the contribute of the project results to the improvement of the urban environment.

The exploitation of project results will be able to be immediately transferred to a number of pilots supply chains involving public and private actors and to become, in a time perspective (short/medium), the benchmark for the overall Urban Distribution of perishable goods.

Nevertheless the demonstration will focus on highly specialized supply chains where the weakness of the  Urban Distribution appear more critical for the overall consistency and completion with other actions already in place.


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